If you don’t yet have your double under then today will be a day that includes some box jumps. With box jumps comes a different kind of challenge for a lot of people. It’s not just the physical activity, it is also the psychology of the jump. some of us have skinned our shins, and all of us at least know of someone who has been injured while doing a box jump. This feeds into how tall that box starts to look, and a fear starts to set in.  Do you want to overcome that fear? Check out some advise from Lisbeth Darth
WU: Coach’s Choice
5 rds of
OTM 1: 3 Snatch (TNG) @ 75% or Med light + 30 Du’s or 15 Box jumps
OTM 2: Rest
3 mins for transition
4 EMOM of 5 back squats @ 80%, Last set do AMRAP score reps
2 mins transition
Deadlifts (225/135) use Snatch grip
for time
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